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Transcript: How to Build a $100,000 per Year Online Business, Even When You’re on a Shoestring Budget

with Johnny Truant and Jon Morrow

April 9, 2012

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>> JOHNNY TRUANT:  They’ve tried something and they said I’m going to start a blog and I’m going to make money blogging and it just didn’t work. My response to that is not on my watch. That’s what this webinar is about. The things that we’ve learned I’m going to share some of those so you could cut the learning curve a little bit. You can have a better shot.

>>Let’s break this down and how to do this the right way.

>>Step one  — make sure your idea doesn’t suck. We’re going to talk about three test. The first is the dummies test. If there isn’t a dummies book on your topic, it’s probably not a good topic. There are exceptions to that. The dummies hasn’t iterated through all of the possible ideas it will ever do so maybe it hasn’t made it to yours yet. If you’re looking for a world of fun, this is a good one. This is something I learned in real estate. If you’re working with commercial real estate, there’s a lot of stuff you’re supposed to do. Find the population demographics, is the population growing, is it declining, all this crazy stuff and where do you find this information to determine if this is a good plot of land?

>>Here’s what somebody suggested. Build next to a McDonald’s. Do you think that McDonald’s builds their properties just randomly?  No, they’ve done that research. You piggyback on their research and always buy where there’s a McDonald’s nearby. That’s what the dummies test is for: ideas. Piggybacking on someone else’s research.

The Google test. There’s three components to this one. The first is to Google dog grooming if you Google for that and you know this that you get a whole bunch of responses. It will show you how many responses came in for this, how many websites are about this. A lot of people look and say there’s too much competition. I need to find something with low competition, which means a low number of search results. That’s not necessarily the case because the Internet is big and a lot of people have thought of a lot of things. If there’s no competition, it probably means the idea is no good. It’s probably better to have a popular topic and then carve out your own area in it, rather than trying to make something that’s not a good idea to catch fire.

Number two is there’s a Google keyword tool that you can use. I think you can Google for Google keyword tool. It will give you stats on how many times people search for something. It will give you the interest in your area. You want to make sure people are interested.

The third, the screenshot shows these ads that show up when you — after you do a search. This was a search for project management. If it were dog grooming, you would see ads related to the dog grooming. It comes up on based on what you enter. If you see ads their, that’s a good sign. It means that other people think it’s a good idea for people to spend money on. Bonus points, if you come back after doing this the first time if you notice the same ads, that’s a good sign because it means somebody paid money for these ads, and they are still paying money for these ads. They wouldn’t be doing that if they weren’t making money. Go ahead and pay attention to it.

The last one is the Amazon test. Amazon started as a bookseller. It makes sense to rank bestseller ranks in books but they also do it for physical products. This is a listing for chaise lounge and this ranks number 275 in patio, lawn, and garden. There is no quantitative thing here, but look to see if the stuff you’re thinking about doing is getting rankings; that it’s popular for people; that it’s ranking high. Chaise lounge is number three in patio, lawn, and garden.

Between these three if you’re scoring well on two or three of those three you can be pretty sure your idea is good and you can give it your all and see what happens.

Moving on.

Step two — set up a simple website. Register your domain name. There are a bunch of domain registrars. Most are fine. I tend to use Go Daddy. They are simple and easy to use. Maybe their Super Bowl ads have worked on me. I tend to do that. Let me show you a trick that makes it more appealing. If you’ve ever purchased something interesting a promo code, a lot of us know there’s a promo code and I’m going to Google for promo codes to see if I could save some money. I did this and the second link that came up from Go Daddy.  Go Daddy put this listing and tried to rank for Go Daddy promo codes. Why would they do that? What is this limited to domain name. As best as I can figure, they don’t want affiliates getting all of the commissions for the domain name. So they say screw it and we’ll undercut it. If somebody is looking for a promo code, we’ll give them this good deal. We will lock them into ourselves rather than having them use a promo code. If you follow that link, it saves you like $10 on a domain name, which is, I think, around $13. I think you can get five of them and no time limit. You can save a bundle on domain names.

The next is to go ahead and to get a host. I personally like Host Gator and there’s a lot of good web hosts out there. This is one that I know and use personally. Jon uses it personally. Their service is good. Their uptime is good. It’s rare that they have some glitch and the sites are down. They back up your data for you. This baby plan here in the middle, when you go to the order screen, is 10 bucks a month, if you pay ongoing rather than paying all at once. You could put unlimited don’t domain names on that. Practically speaking, you don’t want 500 domain names. If you have five, you could create five different websites on that one $10 a month hosting plan.

I have a trick for this one. If you go to the part where you’re entering your domain name there’s a spot for a coupon code. If you enter mine, Johnny B. Truant, it saves you the first month hosting. I think you pay a buck for the first month hosting. After that, you want to set up WordPress. Let me take you through this. If you use host gator, which is what I’m suggesting. You get Host Gator, and they send you an e-mail that says here’s your control panel link, and it gives you a username and password. If you follow that link, and you enter your username and password and go into your control panel, you’ll see this page with little icons on it. If you go to the bottom to the smiley face, it’s called fantastical deluxe and if you click on that, you can just follow prompts to install WordPress. I think that WordPress is on the left and you click it here.   There’s a thing you can click for this new installation. You follow the steps and within 5 minutes, you will have a WordPress blog set up on your site.

It does not need to be complicated at all. Once you’ve done that, you get an e-mail service provider. I get more pushback on this than anything else. The one that I recommend is a Weber. It’s an industry standard for most. There are some really expensive elaborate ones. This is what I use and this is what I’ve always used. The reason I get pushback is because they started at 1995 a month; and for most people, it ends up being 30 bucks a month until you grow bigger. That’s a lot of money to be spending on e-mail and what if I don’t have people? I get that a lot. My response is my e-mail list and your e-mail list is going to be your number one promotional tool. I think my email list is more important than my website, I’m not kidding about that. This where you think you may spend money and not get a lot of people, yeah. But you’re really unlikely to build a successful online business if you don’t do a list and you don’t do it right and you don’t have a provider that will let you use affiliate links, and this one won’t let you use affiliate links that has good deliverability.

Lastly, get yourself a PayPal account. There are many complicated ways to receive payments. There are carts and all sorts of things.  For your first stop, go to PayPal. PayPal is free, until you make a sale. Carts are up to $300 a month for fancy carts. PayPal is free until you sell something. You can go in and get a Premier account, which is the middle level of service, which is for eBay sellers –, eBay buyers, I’m sorry; and business which you don’t need. Get a Premier account. Once you’re in, there’s a merchant services tab which will enable you to create “Buy Now.” You are ready to sell things.

Step three — get free traffic by starting a blog. It allows you to build a relationship over time. There are ways to convert traffic. There are people streaming passed your website. The best chance you have with people is when you know people and you know them and they trust you. Blogging will allow you to do that because you’re interacting with them more frequently. Blogging gives you a chance to prove your authority. When this comes up I like to point to a site called leangains.com.

It’s like a bodybuilding site. It has nothing to do with online business but the reason I mention it is because Martin, who runs that site, you cannot read that site and cannot be positive that the dude knows his stuff. If you want to know the things he can teach people how to do. It’s because of his blog and because of the things he writes and it is why if you go to book counsel with him, he does personal training sessions, you can’t get in. I tried to get one and I don’t think he responded. He gets so many. I didn’t even know his price but I would have paid it because I was sure he could give me the results. Blogging can give you the chance to prove your authority. Blog ranks on search engines. If you have a competitive keyword. Something that is a lot of people are going to come up for. You’re not going to rank for it. You’re not going to rank for dog grooming right away probably. I think that’s pretty competitive. You’re not going to market for build a business or whatever. These things that people think of. But I’ll tell you that a blog will rank better than a static website. Give your self every chance you have. Blogs are great for every type of business. It doesn’t matter whatever you’re doing, there’s a blog about it. Test me on this. Are you into wood boats? Whatever, go and do a search for that.

After that, step four, convert that traffic into customers with first a subscription box. This is my website in the right-hand corner. I have this fancy box. The ones you can get out of a Weber by filling out a wizard or not that fancy but to do the job. They have different templates. This is where you stick it. The upper right-hand corner. If you know WordPress, typically, they put the column over here, the sidebar, and in your WordPress admin area there’s a thing for widgets and these things you can drag over. You would open up a text widget and you could put anything you want. You paste that code from a Weber to their and you have a box for people to sign up. Have some kind of bribe. Have a reason for people to sign up. Usually, join my newsletter does not do well. In this case I am offering this call I have with Jon Morrow on how to make $2000 on every guest post. If you haven’t heard that, I would suggest you get it because it’s awesome. Due to Jon.

If you’re really crazy I have this hover box. My friend calls it the optic box. It’s in your face and people think it’s sleazy. I don’t think it’s sleazy. That’s my opinion. This is a plug-in: a WordPress plug-in called pop-up domination. It’s about $50. You can Google for it. It is awesome. If I had a graph of when I started using this, here’s my bar showing my traffic and it’s like these big bars immediately because it’s in your face, and you don’t have to be creepy about it. It shows up every 30 days so people who come to my site are getting hit in the face with it every time. You can say how long it will take for it to show up. I really like that.

Autoresponder sequence. If you get a Weber you can send a broadcast which is just send an e-mail to everybody or you can send a follow-up. A follow-up is another word for autoresponder. If somebody joins your list through your form, you’ll send them an e-mail right away. It’s follow-up number one. It says thanks for joining my list. When you signed up for this webinar, the first one was my story and then you can set subsequent other responders to come to or three days later or every Tuesday of every other week. You’re building a relationship through e-mail. You’re getting people used to opening your e-mails. When you make an offer, they are used to trusting you and knowing you have good information. Deliver value through your autoresponder.

Convert traffic into customers with numerous covert creations. This isn’t being sticky. What covert means is I read a lot about nonconformity topics; so I have a course called “Question the Roles”, which is nonconformist. This is for nonconformists. If I’m writing one of those posts, then you can bet I am quick to question the roles. People who read your blog regularly get used to your family of products. They get used to the idea that you’re a coach and you’re casually mentioning what worked with these people. This client that I had or this course. Those are covert from conversions.

I have something for sale.  Would you like to buy it? Here’s the e-mail describing it. When people are used to you and they trust you and you have a good mutually beneficial relationship with these people and you’re honest, when you have something for sale, they are primed to be interested in it.

That’s four steps, but you may be thinking it can’t be that easy. What do I really need to know? There’s a lot more to get you thinking.

There are a few unanswered questions. How do you stand out from the crowd? Do you need a Corporation? What’s the difference between corporate and LLC? Would you need a dedicated server? When should you switch from PayPal to a real credit card cart processor? Do you need a shopping cart? Which one is best? How can you set up an affiliate program to get other people to promote you? Can you do everything yourself or do you need a technical person to do it for you? By the way, if you do need help, where should you go? How often should you write? How do you get other bloggers to link to your posts? How do you get your readers to share your content on LinkedIn or Twitter? Once visitors are on your blog, how do you get them to subscribe? What should you say to establish authority? How do you juggle your business in your real life so you’re working the right amount but not too much? How do you stay motivated during those first two months? How do you sell without being sleazy? How do you price your products? Should you offer payment plans? Should you offer discount pricing? Should you sell more than one thing and how to decide? What can you do to get your customers to buy from you again and again?

The reason why most people never become successful is these questions make them choke. Metaphorical show of hands in the question box over here, have you gotten overwhelmed by the sheer volume of questions that come out?

Yes, no,. I’m seeing more yeses. That would be the dominant experience. I know it was true for me.

They look at that list and they think I’m not smart enough, I don’t have enough time, it will never work. Let me tell you about my friend Jon, my co-presenter, who may be finishing up his avocados as we speak. When the market crashed in 2007, Jon lost everything and started blogging, like me, to make money online. Within two months his blog was declared one of the greatest business and money blogs in the world. He became associate editor of Copyblogger.com.

Over the last three years, he’s helped grow Copyblogger to over 150,000 subscribers, 3 million monthly pages and over $5 million per year. He consults with advertising agencies and charges a minimum retainer of $10,000. He launched his most personal blog, this is boostblogtraffic.com. It was the most successful launch in history. He got 30,000 subscribers before he made his first post. He did it all from a wheelchair.

Jon has a condition known as spinal muscular atrophy. Jon put this PowerPoint together and I was saying he gets more value per square inch out of the real estate above his neck than anybody I know. Working with a mouse and eyebrow switches and dictation. It’s astonishing.

I imagine Jon is there right now being very embarrassed.

Are you there, Jon? He’s not being embarrassed by this praise.

>>  JON:  I’m here.

>> JOHNNY:  He had an avocado going on.

>>  JON:  Actually, I’m not embarrassed.  I’m resentful for having to abandon my lunch. I must really love you guys because my lunch — I’m eating something, and my lunch is awesome. I’m putting it down to come talk to you guys. That’s how much I love you.

>>  JOHNNY:  I saw a guy who once left his lunch to help save people from drowning.

>>  JON:  Exactly.

>>  JOHNNY:  Before I hand this over to you. I want to show this revolting photo of paradise. This is what you are looking at this moment?

>>  JON:  Yeah, basically. It’s daytime now, so it’s brighter and sparkly. That’s the view from my balcony. This is something that I try to show off as often as possible to make as many people as possible hate my guts. I’ve managed to move to a place like that. Really, going back to my lunch, which is all I want to talk about.

One of the reasons I moved to Mexico — for a lot of reasons. By the way, this is in Mexico. The reason why were showing this slide is because of how unusual it is and how my online business has allowed me to build the life that I want. I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t get into this to make millions or billions of dollars. I got into this to be able to live a life that I wanted. How many feel that way? Getting rich would be great, but really you just want to live wherever you want. You want to travel. You want to spend time with your family, right?

The reason why I got started online is just to create the lifestyle that I wanted. Normally, guys like me, they don’t get to go anywhere. One of the worst tragedies of being in a wheelchair is how difficult it is to travel. Airlines will not — there’s not a single airline that will let you ride in your wheelchairs on the plane. They pick you up like a piece of baggage and put you in the seat.

Not only am I working an online business, I moved to Mexico and live in a place that I dreamed about. When I started my online business I took photos of Mexico. I put it on the wall. I said this is where I want to live. This is where I want to go. It took me about two years to make that a reality. After working on it for two years, I’m living here. I have lived here for almost 2 years now.

I have around-the-clock nursing staff. They take care of me, which was another reason I moved down here. You know how expensive healthcare is in the US, right?  How many people wish their healthcare was cheaper?

Down here, I went to the doctor last week.  The fee to see the doctor was three dollars. Okay? Three dollars to see the doctor. A nurse with a four-year degree, and RN, is four dollars an hour. That’s an above the market rate. By moving to Mexico, not only did I get to live in paradise, but I saved somewhere along the lines of $4000 a month.

The greatest part about having an online business is that I can move to a third world country, or a developing country and make US money. Tim Ferriss called that “That’s a Dream” lifestyle. How many of you would like to be able to live wherever you want in the world? Maybe it’s not the ocean.  Maybe you want to live in the mountains, maybe you want to live in France, maybe you want to spend more time with your family. Businesses, the reason why we start those is to create that lifestyle for ourselves. If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this webinar, it’s that you can do this. If you work at it, I’m not going to promise you can become a billionaire. I’m not going to promise you can become a multimillionaire. You can build a business that supports the lifestyle you want. Johnny was talking about avocados earlier. One of my favorite things living in Mexico is the avocados.

How expensive is an avocado where you live? Type it in the question box.

>>  JOHNNY: I keep meaning to look this up.

>>  JON: $1.29, $1.50 a piece, $1.49, $1.00 each. Down here, I can buy 20 for a dollar. I’ve eaten so many avocados that I should probably be green by now. All of the benefits of being able to live where you want. This summer I’m going to the US for a while. Being able to move around whenever you want to is really really great. I wanted to show you this. This is what an online business is about. This is what it can create for you.

It’s time to stop dreaming about a business, about saying one day I will do this and start actually doing it. The key for me I talked about earlier about having those photos on my wall, it took me two years to work toward that to where I could achieve it. At the time, it was hard to believe. In fact, it was scary because the part of the story that we didn’t tell is that when I lost everything in real estate, I was being taken care of, my medical bills were being paid partially by Medicaid and I had to make enough money to pay for my apartment and to do all of the other things in my life. If I didn’t, the law said they had to take me to a state-run nursing facility. If I didn’t have enough money, that means they would take me out of my home, the man in the white coats would have come and got me. They would have taken me to a nursing facility. These are the not the nice nursing facilities.  These are the free ones that the government runs. They would put me in a bed and probably have left me there doing the minimum to take care of me until I died.

When I started my online business, the honest truth, is that I was scared shitless. It was hard for me to believe that it would be possible for me. How many people feel like other people can create an online business but you wonder if you can do it? If this is something that can work for you?

Yeah, absolutely. That’s exactly what I felt like when I got started too. I was sitting there completely broke. I had over $7000 a month in medical bills. I was having to work and having to be run off to a nursing facility. I was sitting in a dingy apartment and I got just enough motivation to be able to think about what I wanted my life to be. Everyday I got up and I worked on it, and I worked on it, and I worked on it, every single day. Seven days a week I worked on it. A lot of times, I would get up and go to the computer and I would sit in the same spot, never moving until I went to bed. I stayed there all day, every day, until I eventually, two years later, had the business up and running that could support me and that I could live the life that I wanted to live.

The big thing is that you have to start doing something today. If you’re just sitting there thinking that one day I’ll do this, it will probably never happen.

Let’s go on to some success principles. I’ll tell you a bit more about what I mean. These are principles to succeed in any type of business, not just an online business.

First, belief is as important as knowledge or mechanics. If you don’t believe you can do this, if you don’t believe that it’s possible for you, if you’re not willing to buy in and give it everything you’ve got, then it doesn’t matter what I teach you. It won’t do you any good. I can teach you everything I know. We can do the matrix where they plug their head in and uploaded kung fu to their brain. I could upload the kung fu of Internet marketing to your brain but unless you believed in yourself, unless you were willing to go out there and use it, it wouldn’t do you any good.

If you take one thing from this, it’s that you have to believe. As a matter of fact, how many of you are willing to — how many people are willing to try this and it might be possible for me?

All right.

>> You can go back to not believing.

>>  JON:  What was that?   You cut out there.

>>  I said, you can go back to not believing, after the webinar, if you like.

>>  JON: Yeah, you have our permission. Just for a few minutes here. We want to get you in that state where you can believe.

The second one is you got to take action now or you never will. How many times have you been in the situation where you’ve been, I’ll do this after things calm down at work. Or I’ll do this after things calm down with my kids. Or I’ll do this after tax time. How many people are thinking one of those things right now? I can’t do it today, I have to wait until such and such is over and then I’ll do it. How many people find those things going through their head? Tell me in the question box if you’ve ever been thinking that.

Absolutely. Then what happens? You get past one thing and then you hit the next thing.  Then you say, okay, things have calmed down at work but now my kids are having a tough time at school. I need to get that taken care of first. We need to do the roof on the house so I need to get that taken care of first.

What happens is, you do one and then you run into the other, and the other, and the other, and you never get there. You need to take action now. By now, I mean today.

Have you ever heard of chicken soup for the soul? One of the most best-selling book series ever. One of the things they said they did that I loved is they wrote down three things they wanted to accomplish. Everyday. Each one of them had three things that they wanted to do to promote their book. At the end of the day, they did not sleep until those three things were done.

They had three things every day. That’s it. Just three things. All right? You need to be able to do that for your business. Have a few things that you’re going to do everyday and you will not go to bed at night until you get those things done. If you’ll do that, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your business will start moving forward. Just because you’re providing consistent action to it.

Number three, you need to find a mentor. For me, it wasn’t until my fourth blog that I was able to succeed.

It wasn’t until I met Chris Garrett that I even started going anywhere with blogging. My first blog was about real estate finance. It flopped. My second blog was about how to write a best-selling book. It flopped. My third book was about residential real estate. It flopped. At the end of those three failures in blogging, I was ready to give up forever. I was doing everything everybody told me to do and I couldn’t figure it out. I happened to notice that Chris Garrett was running a promotion to where he would mentor you for $99. I said oh my gosh. Maybe he can tell me what I’m doing wrong. I signed up and it was within two months of that mentoring session that I got nominated for the best business in money blog in the world. The reason why he’s looked at what I was doing and he told me what I was doing wrong and he also helped me see how all of the pieces fit together. You can be doing all of the right things but not be fitting them together in the right way. It doesn’t work. It’s like I talked about on the post that brought you guys to the webinar.

If you can’t see the picture in the puzzle box, then you can have all the pieces but you’ll never be able to fit them together. What Chris did for me is he gave me the picture. He showed me how to put it together and it was within two months I have gotten over I think before I talked to him I think I was getting a few thousand visitors a month. After I talked to him, I think it was 70 something thousand visitors within a two-month period. This was because he straightened a few things out for me. He helped me connect the dots. He answered all of those questions. The questions that needed to be answered.

The biggest thing you can do is to go find a mentor.

>>  JOHNNY:  I will jump in now. Jon has that story about Chris Garrett. I had a mentor originally.  She did the same thing for me that Chris did for Jon. I wanted to throw that in.

>> JON:  All right. Let’s go ahead.

It’s about all the unanswered questions. All of us need somebody to answer those questions for us. We need somebody to walk us through the whole process, from start to finish. To show us how to do it. If you look into the life of anybody that’s become successful online, they have an unofficial mentor or official mentor of some sort. They got somebody to answer the questions that help them. My first was Chris Garrett and the second was Brian Clark. They guided me to be able to do what I was going to do. Without them, I could tell you with 100% certainty that I would not have made it. It wouldn’t have mattered how hard I worked, it wouldn’t have mattered how smart a guy I am. Without somebody to show me how to put it together, I’m absolutely certain I would not have made it. This is the biggest thing you need to do is to get a mentor to answer these questions.

Here’s the big deal. Johnny and I are about to launch a new mentoring program. How many of you would like to be mentored by us for the next four weeks?

All right. The yeses are going by faster than I could read them. Everybody needs a mentor. One of the things that Johnny and I were talking about is that it’s hard to find a mentor. One of the hardest things that you can do, one of the hardest things to do is to find somebody to mentor you and to show you here’s what you need to do first, here’s what you need to do second. And to answer your questions. If you can find somebody to mentor you, it’s as expensive as it could be: thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Johnny and I wanted to create a program where we could mentor you through the process of starting your online business without spending a ton of money. If you’re on the shoestring budget, even if all you’ve got is a little bit of money to invest, we wanted to show you the process that you could use to get through that.

Let’s talk about what’s in the program. We are going to give you four weeks of training of how to build your business. We’re going to walk you through all of those steps. How to get your blog set up, how to decide if your idea is good or not, how to get traffic to your blog, all of those things in a four-week period we’re going to take you through the process.. The second thing we’re going to do is after each of the sessions, we will have a Q&A, or you can ask us any of the questions that you’re running into. It will be live on the phone so you’ll be able to say I’m having this problem. What will I do about this? What will I do about this? You will be able to get an answer from us on the call.

The third thing that were going to include is recordings of everything. Our best guess is this is going to be at least 16 hours of material. That huge list of stuff that we gave you the bullets for, all of those unanswered questions, it takes a while to be able to answer those questions. Our best guess, it’s going to take us about 16 hours to be able to walk you through everything you need to know to start your online business.

We’re going to give you recordings of all the calls so you can listen to them again and again to refresh yourself on exactly what you need to do.

>>  JOHNNY:  And transcripts.

>>  JON:  And we’re going to be giving you transcripts as well, where we will have somebody listen to the call and type it all and have it on the computer, and we will give you a written copy of it as well. If you prefer to read it, you get that as well.

Here’s the curriculum

Module one — this will show you how to evaluate what can create that six-figure income. How many people here if you could get up to six figures a year, you think that would probably allow you to live the lifestyle that you want? The big thing is that your idea determines more than anything else whether you get to that point or not. If you have the wrong idea, you can do everything right, everything else right, and it will flop. If you have the right idea, you can do a lot of things wrong and you can still succeed.

What we want to show you is how to pick the right idea. It’s actually a scientific process. You can look at things and you don’t have to guess. A lot of entrepreneurs think this is a good idea when they start and they go into it without knowing if they will succeed. We want to give you the characteristics of something you almost know for certain will create a six-figure income for you. We’re going to give you those five characteristics in the first lesson.

Module two — we’re going to talk about how to get your business off the ground in a single weekend. How many people have gotten caught up for weeks or even months trying to get all of the technology to fit together to do what you need it to do to get your business off the ground? That’s me right now. Yes. We’re going to show you how to get it done in one weekend. That’s being generous. You can do this in probably about three or four hours. That’s what I’m guessing. Minimum. If you get messed up, and you have to look at things and asked some questions, it might take you the whole weekend. We’re going to show you exactly what you need to do and how everything fits together so that you can get it done in one weekend and you can be on your way and ready to go.

Module three is, we’re going to show you how to get your first 1000 global subscribers. How many people is that another stumbling block? How do you get people to come to your blog and subscribe?

We are going to have an entire lesson all about how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers. We will show you here’s how you can get people to link to you. Here’s how you can get them to join your e-mail list. You can get traffic from this source to get your website off the ground.  You’re not sitting there hoping that somebody stumbles across your blog. You’re doing things and working proactively to be able to get the traffic you need to be able to build that audience. To get that 1000 subscribers. By the way, this is the key thing. If you want to build a business, the biggest thing you want to do is get 1000 people on your e-mail list. If you get 1000 people on your e-mail list, I’m not sure that you can net up to six figures on that. I know people who have done it from 2000 subscribers. If you get 1000, that’s enough for most people to be able to make a living where they can quit their jobs and start doing this full-time. I’m not just talking about 1000 people that you buy their names and you put them on your list, I’m talking about people who are passionate about your topic, who have read your work and like what you’re doing that they believe you’re an authority, they like you and they want an opportunity to be able to learn more from you so that they could move forward themselves. If you could get 1000 of those people on your list, you can absolutely make enough money in most niches to be able to quit your job and do this full-time. That’s pretty much the minimum. We’re going to show you how to do that.

We talked about earlier, how do you do this in your life to where you can do this with customers
that are happy to pay for your products and services? The key there is a rapid customers. You want people that aren’t just reluctantly buying your products and services. They’re like fighting to be able to give you money because you’re offering the exact thing they need to move forward right now. If you can do that, if you can put people where they trust you and believe in you and they like what you are doing, you can easily move forward and make the money you need.

Module number six is — we’re going to talk about how to price your products and services for maximum profit. How many people, this is a big question for you right now. You’re wondering how much you should charge for what you’re doing? I’m getting a lot of yes is to that one too.

We’re going to teach you the science of pricing. What you may not realize is that big companies, when they price their products and services, it’s not a guess. There’s a science in pricing that you can use to tell you with a reasonable degree of accuracy how much you need to be charging for your products and services. You may adjust it later but we will give you the pricing strategies you can use to get the most amount of money from the fewest customers possible. That way you don’t have to sell thousands of products. You can make a living from a relatively profitable business. We will show you how to do that.

Module seven — we will show you how to get your customers to keep buying from you. This is having a profitable business. You need people to buy something from you, to enjoy it, to like it, to help them, when you come out with another product or service they buy again. When you come out with another product or service they buy again. 10 years later they are still buying your products and services. The whole idea of launching one thing and expecting that to last forever is ridiculous. Almost no business can do it. You almost always need something that people want to buy from you over and over again or you’re coming out with a steady stream of products that fulfill your customers needs, that they like them, they want them, they are asking you for them. We will show you how to do that and how to get your customers to where they are willing to buy from you again and again, and you are not constantly chasing new customers.

Module eight — we are going to do a business hotseat where we are going to pick two or three people out of the class, and we’re going to put you on the phone with us and were going to work with you doing a manager consulting session. We will both talk to you and we tell you things you need to be doing to improve it. The reason why were doing this is that we want to make an example of somebody and show them how exactly how to do the things we’ve talked about. You can listen to that and you can think this is what this person needs to do. I need to be doing that too. Sometimes you need to hear actual living examples. We want to give you some of those real-life examples at the end. We want to give you the opportunity to consult with us for free if you’re one of those two or three people. After that, we will do additional Q&A to answer any questions that you still have.

Here are the course details.

How the program will work. It starts on April 11 which is Wednesday. Every Wednesday and Friday at 2 PM Eastern and actually the first class is going to be at 3 PM Eastern. This will be on Wednesday and we will do a tele-seminar. You can listen in by phone or on your computer. The way we will do it is we’re going to do a lesson which will take about an hour and after that, we will do Q&A. Probably another hour of Q&A and maybe a little longer if we need to. If you can’t attend live, then you can leave a question with us before the call and we will answer it at the end of the tele-seminar. If you have a schedule conflict, if you can’t make it to one of the lessons, you can leave questions for us and you can go back and listen to the recordings afterward to get the answers to your questions. That way you don’t feel like you have to be at every lesson. You can still get your questions answered by typing it into our question box and we will answer at the end of the tele-seminar.

After, you will get the recordings and transcripts of everything. There is at least 16 hours of recordings. Transcripts:, it will be over 1000 pages. I don’t know. It is going to be an enormous amount of information. Everything you could possibly want to know about starting an online business and doing it cheaply and comfortably.


The big question is what’s the price.   Here are a few things to keep in mind.  This coaching program that I started a few weeks ago cost $10,000. People are paying me $10,000 to be coached by me. Both Johnny and I charge $500 an hour for our time when we do consulting, which isn’t that often. When we do, we both charge about $500 an hour to work with people.

If you got this information in other courses, it would easily set you back $2000. I’m not sure you can get it in one course, if you were able to buy it, I’m guessing it would cost you at least $2000 to be able to get all of the pieces of the puzzle together. That’s how much most courses on this topic cost.

The last point is we have no plans of teaching this again live ever. This isn’t a recurring class where we will do it every quarter or twice a year or even once a year. Johnny and I are doing this once and it’s a one-time deal. After this, we have no plans of ever doing it again.

So just to get a check here how much do you think it’s going to cost for this? To be mentored by me and Johnny for four weeks. About how much do you think this is going to cost? I see 1500, 499, $300, $1000, $20,000, $999, $1000, $5000, $2000, $1500, 20 avocados. It’s probably going to cost more than 20 avocados. $2000?

Okay.  Here’s the actual price. The special webinar only price for this coaching program is only $97. Two payments of $97. Two monthly payments of $97. All right. There’s a reason why Johnny and I are doing that. We’re not doing this only for the money. Johnny and I were talking about this and we decided we need to be able to do something where we can talk to the people who are struggling. If you are stuck, and you’re barely scraping by financially, and you don’t have a ton of money, there’s not a lot of options available for you. How many people are feeling a little bit stuck right now and wish they had somebody to be able to go to and ask them questions?

Amen. Yes, definitely. The reason why were doing this. We’re not doing this for the money, Johnny and I have been in this position where we were stuck and we needed mentored. We needed somebody to be able to answer our questions. We needed somebody to show us the sequence of how to put things together. The problem is most courses like that, their minimum are $2000. Honestly, that’s probably how much we should be charging for this. If we really wanted to make the most amount of money, we would be charging $2000 for this course.

I guarantee you we would make more money. Johnny and I just want, like we said were never going to do this again.  We wanted to be able to help people out and to be able to teach what you needed to know at an affordable price to where you could move forward and start building the life that will allow you to live on the beach; that will allow you to spend more time with your family; that will allow you to live on a mountaintop or travel the world or sip coffee in Paris. What ever it is you want to do with your life.

Too many people get stuck where they are; and frankly, it pisses us off. We’re not doing this just because we want to make a fortune. Were doing this because both Johnny and I have been able to achieve what we wanted to in our lives and we see so many other people struggling and it’s really upsetting. All you guys need is just a blueprint for making that happen and you could move forward. Everyone wants to charge you so much that you could never do it. We’re going to make this as cheap as we possibly can. We’re also quick to give you a 30 day moneyback guarantee. You either love it or you get a refund.

Thirty days is like the end of the class. You could almost go to the entire class and if you don’t like it, then you can say it wasn’t for me.  Please give me my money back. And we will hand it over. We believe this is going to get results for you. We believe you will love this more than anything that you’ve ever attended. We’re going to give you everything that we know about how to build a business starting from scratch. If you don’t feel like we’ve delivered on that, then we don’t want your money. We want you to ask for a refund. We feel like nobody will feel like that because we are going to over deliver for you in this course that you will be astounded that all you did is pay two payments of $97.


The bad news is we only have room for 500 people. This webinar was announced to 170,000 people on Copyblogger. Just so you know, we’ve already sold, even before the webinar started, something like 150 spots. All right? We only have room for 500 people. That leaves about 350 people. Chances are we are going to sell out.

We can only take 500. That’s all the tele-seminar will support. Here’s a surprise bonus. Everyone who signs up today will get a free video series.  A series walking you through the technical stuff. What that means is Johnny has recorded videos where he sets up and you get to watch him actually do it. It’s not like a PowerPoint.  You actually watch Johnny set up a blog, set up a hosting page, set up a mailing list, set up PayPal. Instead of wondering how you do it, you can watch him do it and see what he does, pause it, do it your self, go back and see what he does. All of the technology you need to start your online business. We’re going to give you a bonus where you will get to do the walk-through videos and you will be able to watch everything you need to do to get your online business up and running. Everybody who signs up on the webinar is going to get that bonus.

Here’s what to do next.

If you want to sign up, go to the website. If you don’t want to sign up and ask us questions that’s cool too. If you’re interested in this, if you’re stuck and you really wish you had a mentor to help you, this is the best thing I can offer you at the cheapest possible price. Okay?

Fill in your credit card and yes it is secure. Enjoy the surprise goodies that we have waiting for you. There are a couple of surprises that we haven’t mentioned that are waiting for you right now inside the membership area. Go to the website and sign up and sit tight until April 11. April 11 is Wednesday and we will e-mail you tomorrow.

Johnny, do you want to type that URL into the chat box as well?

>> JOHNNY:  Yes, and note that it is indeed the bootstrap boot camp. I have just typed it into the chat box.

>> JON:  Just click that link in the chat box, and we will do Q&A while you are signing up.

>> JOHNNY:  I saw one go by a while ago I thought it would be interesting if you could answer it. I think I know how you’re going to answer it. I’m curious. I’m going from memory. She asked it in and I’m sorry way. She wondered how much being taken on as Copyblogger has helped to propel you forward to superstardom.

>>  JON:  It helped a lot. Obviously. I’d be lying to you. If I said I didn’t owe everything, everything I have to Brian at Copyblogger. At the same time, I didn’t beg for a position at Copyblogger. I started my own blog. I got nominated for the best business and money blog in the world before I knew Brian. That was before I knew Brian: before I went to Copyblogger. I was a total nobody online. I went from 0 to 1000 subscribers in 60 days.

Brian looked at that and I signed up for teaching sells which was the first course that Brian offered. In that course I really made an effort to help a lot of other beginners out in the forums. Brian asked these two to start writing for him and I became the most popular guest writer on the site. After being the most popular guest writer, Brian asked me will you join me at Copyblogger. It wasn’t like it dropped out of the sky. I did things that were going to teach you how to do in this program to be able to get a relationship with a blog like Copyblogger and to be able to move forward. Is Copyblogger behind you on this venture. This is not a Copyblogger product. This is a Johnny Truant and Jon Morrow product. Copyblogger linked to it. Would they endorse us? I haven’t seen the course because it’s not created yet. But if you asked them if they endorse us, both Johnny and I have endorsed for them so I’m the associate editor of Copyblogger. It’s not a Copyblogger product but I would guess if you asked, Copyblogger would endorse it.

>>  JOHNNY:  A few people asked about PayPal. It doesn’t integrate smoothly with the cart so what and what to do is add it to this slide. We would strongly recommend using the form on the page because then it’s integrated and we don’t need to manually do all sorts of things. Do that if you can. If you have to use PayPal or is that something that’s a strong preference, just e-mail me and I will hook you up. I can’t do it until the webinars over. Once you’ve paid, then I will add you. That’s not automatic either. Also somebody said they were getting a server error. Please check the URL. Please make sure it is correct. Because sometimes people get that wrong. If you are encountering problems shoot me an e-mail there too.

>>  JON:  Let’s put that into the chat box as well so people can copy and paste it.

>> JOHNNY:  You can see it on my screen?

>> JON:  Yeah.

>>  JOHNNY:  I just added it to the chat box.

>>  JON:  It looks like, yes, just click the link in the chat box. If you’re having trouble with the URL go down to the chat box and click it. You don’t even have to type it in, it will take you right to it. It looks like we have already had 24 people signed up here in the first couple of minutes. Multiple people per minute. They are signing up right now.

>>  JOHNNY:  Make that 26. I do have another question here, Jon. She asks if the courses relevant to me. I don’t have anything to sell. I’m going to set up a website like Petfinder in Ireland because I would want to help animals. I would also want to make a living.

I don’t know how I would answer that. The business modelsthat I found worked.  We’re going to teach you about how to sell something even if it’s an affiliate product.

>> JON:  You need something to sell. There are two ways to make money online. Either sell products and services, it can be your own or somebody else’s products and services, or it can be — or you can sell advertising. I’ll tell you, I don’t know a single blogger who makes their living off of advertising. Not a single one. Some of them supplement their income but the reality is advertising returns a pitiful amount of money compared to selling your own products and services. Even if you are only selling an e-book or coaching sessions or advice on how to pick the perfect dog or dogs food or whatever, I would recommend that you sell some product or service to your customers.

>>  JOHNNY:  Susan asks… I live in Canada and work on a Mac can you help with the technical details that may be different in these cases?

I can’t think of anything that would be different. I work on a Mac and Jon works on a PC so we’re familiar with both. I live in the US and Jon lives in Mexico. I guess were getting close. I don’t think there are a ton of differences. I can’t imagine that anything would be different. Most of the technology you will be using is web-based, meaning that whether you visit PayPal or a Weber or Host Gator, a Mac or a PC, it’s going to look essentially the same and work the same.

>>  JON:  The biggest difference between countries is payment processors. PayPal works in most countries. This is another reason why were going to recommend that most people start there. It’s probably not where you want to stay forever. I’ve evolved beyond it. It’s a good place to start. If you’re in Canada or any country, PayPal is an excellent way to accept your payment. That’s the only difference that I know of. Mac, PC, country, doesn’t really matter.

Arlin says, my team and I create mobile applications for the iPhone and android etc. Just started a week ago. How can I turn my service into an online business?

The model for starting any business, I don’t care what it is and this includes iPhone apps, android, whatever. Have a website? Build a list. Sell them stuff. That’s the motto. That’s the model that were going to be teaching. Even if you’re selling iPhone apps or android or whatever if you look at a lot of people selling those, I know that this guy has a lot of iPhone apps and has e-mail lists. His biggest thing is driving people to e-mail lists and he sells them on the iPhone apps. That’s still the motto. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in.

>>  JOHNNY:  Pat Flynn is an awesome guy. Part of his business model is that his is very much same basic things that were talking about here. He runs a blog, he runs an e-mail list, he focuses on growing that list.

>>  JON:  Is the total cost $97, or is it two payments of $97?

It is two monthly payments of $97. In about 30 days you’ll have another payment of $97.

>>  JOHNNY:  Right. Marion asks, this sounds too good to be true.  Why not continue the program?

My answer to that is I know this is going to sound like a weird answer but I find my interest in my business changes so fast I don’t think I want to commit to continuing to do the same program. I wrote a post for Copyblogger a while ago it was all about evolution, I want to say it was about a month ago, I think it was.   I don’t — I don’t remember, it was all about the need to involve in business and if I had kept doing each subsequent year what I did the previous year, I would be out of business. That’s part of it. The fact that I don’t think I would want to keep doing it. There’s not a shortage mentality, we’re going to make lots of money doing this course and we have to do it over and over again. It has it’s time. Do you have a different answer Jon?

>>  JON: My answer is my time is too valuable to me. I know that sounds bad but Johnny and I both want to help people as much as we can to get unstuck. I can’t dedicate a month of my life every year. Time is precious. My time is too precious. I will guess this will be dollar per dollar the least profitable product I’ve ever released. That’s totally fine with me. Like I said, we are not doing this only for the money, were doing this to help you guys at the least price that we can possibly offer it for.

We both are going to move on to other things. This is the one and only time.

>>  JOHNNY:  Karen asks, is art the type of business that you’re course could help you become successful?

Yeah, the business depends on the way that you execute. There’s no reason to exclude art. I get the example of a guy I know named John. He’s an artist. He makes fireballs so he takes recycled steel drums as his primary thing and creates these elaborate flame designs in them and put a propane burner and sells them to restaurants. It’s art. I asked him that question. My dad is an artist too and hasn’t had a ton of success in his business but he doesn’t usually operate online. I asked John what it is that makes the difference for an artist being in business and he said you need to think of it as a business. I hope I don’t offend anybody on this. With art one of the things that happens I told you I released a novel it has nothing to do with business I consider myself an artist too. There’s a tendency to see that as an airy fairy. It’s about monetization. Once you get past that and you see that you have a product and an audience that it is sellable provided that it is a demand.

Rich asks if you can pay with AMEX. Isn’t that one of the ones on there?

>> JON:  I will have to take a look. If it’s not working we can send you through PayPal. I know PayPal accepts it.

>>  JOHNNY:  Right. Rich if it’s not taking AMEX you can take shoot me an e-mail and you can pay through PayPal which will allow you to pay with your AMEX. Dennis asked if there will be a recorded replay. I’m assuming if it worked.

>>  JON:  Yeah, I clicked the record button. We’ll see how it comes out afterward. Go to webinar is extremely finicky. So assuming there are no technical glitches, then yes we will have a recording for you. I will try to get that out tomorrow morning, early.

>> JOHNNY:  I have a question whether we are live.

Yes, we are. We are not coming to you from the past or the future.

Karen asked if I can pay with PayPal. I started from the top. Yeah, just e-mail me and I will do it manually.

>>  JON:  What else do we have here? I think I’m behind. People are asking about PayPal

>>  JOHNNY:  How will this work with nonprofits?

I don’t know if this will work well for. The principle about starting a website and building an e-mail list and then building trust with those people is the same. I help nonprofits. I have a nonprofit that I’m close to and I help them do an e-mail-based promotion that raised over $100,000, in like a week.

It’s definitely possible. None of our examples are going to be about nonprofits in this. You would have to extrapolate from what we are talking about how it would apply to you. None of our ideas about what makes a six-figure business would probably apply to you. The technology side of it will apply to you, but the rest of it you will have to do some translation in your head. If you’re really excited about it, you can sign up. I’d even be happy to answer your questions about how some of it applies in the Q&A. It’s not really designed for nonprofits. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s probably not the right thing for you

>>  Jenny says she can’t get PayPal to put payment through. Just e-mail me.

Linda asked do you have a blog or webinars specifically on the link a targeted list and then held for pain related.

>>  Yeah, it’s about building a targeted list. An untargeted list is the phonebook. If you want and untargeted list, get the White pages phone book in the US if you’re in the US and there’s a list of everybody in your city and it’s practically worthless. You can’t really communicate with those people and make any money. We’re going to be showing you how to build a super targeted list with people who love what you do and who are interested in buying your products and services. Absolutely. It will be about how to get targeted traffic and targeted subscribers. That way you have the exactly the right people on your list.

Let’s see. Catherine asks is the boot camp going to give me more than I get from the third tribe. I’ve already signed up, by the way.

Third tribe is awesome. I would say these are not competing products. Third tribe teaches you skills you need to learn every month by interviewing some of the top people in the business. I’ve done three seminars for third tribe. Absolutely love third tribe. Recommend that everybody signs up for third tribe. This is a comprehensive step-by-step course. What third tribe doesn’t give you is do this first, do this second, do this third, do this fourth, do this and this. It goes in-depth into particular topics. We’ll be going briefly over everything you need to do step by step. What I would do is go through what we are telling you, but we’re going to give you the information to succeed and then I would go to the third tribe to go in-depth if you really want to achieve mastery of those topics. They are complementary. They are two entirely different things.

>> I’m back. Dan asks what’s Jon’s website? Love your website and would like to feature it on my site. I think those are different.  Do you want to answer that?

>> What was that?

>> That’s not where your story is. No boost blog traffic.com is my main blog now. That’s the one that I grew to 13,000 before the 13,000 subscribers before the first month. It’s my new blog. My story, if you Google on dying mothers new ideas or how to quit your I think you link to the how to quit your job post

>> In one of the e-mails that came out

>> Yeah.

>> If you sent it today, you may have not gotten it

>> You can look in your e-mails. And you can Google how to quit your job and moved to paradise and get paid to change the world. That post is almost up to 10,000 tweets. I looked at it yesterday. One of the most popular blog posts it ever anywhere. If you’d like to read that you can. My main site is boostblogtraffic.com.

>> Another question is I’m a journalist and I have a business I started in January that provides nonpartisan coverage of my state legislators to small world community newspapers. However, I’ve had interest express interest to provide service to individuals. Can you help me sell this to individuals?

I don’t know that I entirely understand the question as to what’s being sold. Do you, Jon?

>> I’m not entirely sure either. What I would say is you need to come into this for this preconceived notions as possible. My guess is the first module is probably going to turn most people’s world upside down. This is where we tell you what makes a good idea dark if you come into it with an idea and you’re dead set on it and it doesn’t meet the qualifications that we tell you, then you can do everything that we say and not of the rest of the stuff will work for you.

Jenny is saying that she paid her payment, but it won’t allow her to sign. Jenny, e-mail Johnny.

>> Anybody who has problems, if you have problems paying, if you have problems logging in consider me your customer support. I’ve entered into the chat my e-mail.

>> Just so you know, don’t worry about the timing. If you e-mail Johnny and you’re having problems, then we will extend the bonuses to you. Even if we don’t get it resolved before the webinar, go ahead and e-mail Johnny and we will extend those bonuses to you. We don’t want to penalize you if you’re having problems.

>> Brenna asks when can you start chargingwhen you’re unknown? Yeah, that’s part of the whole thing.   Yes.  I can give you a teaser of the question there.

>> I hope they don’t contradict her opinion on this, Jon. I think the best time to start charging is right away. Do you agree?

>> Yes, absolutely.

>> There’s a lot of advice that says weight and build.  And a lot of times what happens is when people do that somebody will then after doing that diligent community building will make an offer and the community doesn’t agree. Because they are like you’ve been giving it to us for free and now you want to charge. Going ahead and establishing that you’re charging for things right away, even if you don’t overtly push them, even if you just have a service paid you are for higher and these are your grades, this is the sort of thing that will establish that this is a business for you. By the way, real businesses charge money. That’s not a dirty thing. I’d say right away.

>> Yeah, it’s a motivational factor. It’s hard to stay motivated if you’re working your butt off I think you need to make money even it’s $100 your first month. Your very first month you need to make $100. That’s what were going to be teaching you how to do in the classes and how to start selling stuff immediately. There’s no reason you have to wait at all.


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