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Her Rallying Cry for Women–“Let the Adventure Begin!”

with Joel Boggess

Her Rallying Cry for Women — “Let the adventure begin!”

Podcast #102, February 27, 2012

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(  music  )

>>    I have a voice.

>>    I have a voice.

>>    I have a voice and no one can (UNINTELLIGIBLE) but me.

>>    Knowing my voice is understanding who I really am.

>>    What excites me and what I stand for.

>>    I owe it to myself.  I owe it to my family.

>>    I owe it to God.  When you find your voice, you find a way back.

>>    You find a way back.

>>    You find a way back to yourself.

( end music  )

>>Joel:    Hi, it’s me, Joel; and you’re listening to Finding Your Voice.  Joining us today is Pam from Ohio.  Pam, it is a pleasure to have you back on the show.  Thanks for your time.

>>Pam:    You’re very welcome, Joel.  It’s a pleasure to be here.

>>Joel:    Indeed, thank you, thank you.  Been looking forward to today’s show.  You and I wrapped up our coaching not too long ago, and this is an exciting period in your life because one of the things that you discovered as you went through the process is that the best occupational fit for you — work you love — is to create your own job — or not really a job — but to create your own opportunity.  I’m excited about what you’re doing.  You’re creating and building a women’s ministry called Flourish.  For folks who haven’t heard our earlier shows, catch us up to speed a little bit on the purpose of Flourish and what it is you hope to do, and we’ll go from there.

>>Pam:    Okay, that sounds good.  I’d be happy to do that.  I’m going to share my mission and vision statement.  Then I will catch you up to speed because I’ve been working on a one-liner.  (LAUGHTER)  Just to further clarify what Flourish will do.

>>Joel:    Okay.

>>Pam:    Basically, the purpose of Flourish is to inspire women, ages 40+ around the world, to live fun, creative, invigorating, adventurous and balanced lives.  The goal will be to, basically, teach women their value to God and how to value themselves.  What I will do is use multimedia, in particular, starting with a blog to explore topics to teach what this adventurous lifestyle looks like, and how she can create a flourishing lifestyle.  I’ve been working on a few things.  I really want  to keep the momentum going.  Not just from coaching, but from the decisions that I’ve made.  I really want to take a brief moment to say I’m going through coaching with you really help me to clarify that it’s important for me to embrace who I am, what my strengths are, and to begin to act on that.  A lot of times we get to that point where we make those decisions, but then we are afraid when opposition comes and we don’t act.  I don’t want to peter out here at this point.  My goal is to run.  That’s what I keep hearing from the Lord.  Run! You know, run! Don’t run back; run forward.  That’s what I’ve been doing.

>>Joel:    Absolutely.  If you are courageous enough, like you are, Pam, to move and to run, God has that ability to reach down from heaven and redirect our steps.  The thing is we have to be moving for him to be able to do that.

>>Pam:    I agree.  I think that’s a great statement.  I think that’s a really great statement.  That’s what’s been happening.  There, actually, is a book, if you don’t mind, I’ll mention it, it’s by Max Lucado, if I said his name the right way.  It’s called The Dream Giver.

>>Joel:    Yes.

>>Pam:    Have you read that?

>>Joel:    The Dream Giver is actually Bruce Wilkinson.

>>Pam:    Oh, sorry.  Sorry.

>>Joel:    I think that’s who it is.  But either way, Max or Bruce, but The Dream Giver.  So go ahead.  Talk about The Dream Giver.

>>Pam:     Yeah, The Dream Giver.  I may have the title wrong.  My boys and I have been using that as a Bible study.

>>Joel:    Sure, that’s a great one.

>>Pam:    It is! Anyway, the reason why I mentioned that is because I read that last year when I was stuck.  I’ve gone through the coaching process, and I’m unstuck, and I’m reading it again, and something in particular stood out in this book where it gets a story about a person by the name of nobody who is reaching for a goal: a big dream.  He actually comes — is faced with lots of opposition.  I’m caught from reading that book again is that you should expect opposition.  So I have had opposition, and it actually hasn’t been anything that’s been on the outside; it’s been everything on the inside.

Number one, mainly, thinking about how I would fund this business where I want to make money.  I don’t want to just do a business just to do good, I want to make money off of that.  That actually is something that is godly.  It’s expected that I prosper.

>>Joel:    Stop right there.  How hard was it — or was it hard — for you to get your head around that concept that, wait a minute, God wants us to be prosperous, which actually means lining your pockets and maybe watching your bank account increase in value.  Was that a challenge for you?

>>Pam:    It was a challenge, and I appreciate the question because this is — Flourish is a business/ministry; but a lot of times when you think about ministry, a lot of times people want everything to be free.

>>Joel:    Definitely sounds spiritual.  Hello?

>>Pam:    I’m there.  I hear you now.

>>Joel:    Okay.  Yeah, sorry about that.  Yes, definitely, it sounds like a spiritual word; but yeah, go ahead.

>>Pam:    So in any case, it did take — when you and I had our last conversation as we were wrapping up, I was in great angst over the financial side of this thinking — I just want Joel to tell me what I need to do.


>>Pam:    That’s not how you operate.


>>Joel:    You and everybody else would love it if I just started doing that.


>>Pam:    So anyway, I spent about a week just trying to think up ways and the Lord just gave me — just put it in my mind that instead of spending a whole week being fearful, what I should do is fast.  So I did.  I fasted, and I took the time and read about lots of scriptures on trust.  It led me to make some great decisions.

Number one, which actually brings you up to speed concerning Flourish, I made a decision that I needed to read another book which was the Four Hour Workweek.

>>Joel:    Okay.

>>Pam:    It’s a book that I heard about by Tim Ferriss.  It actually — hopefully, I have his name right.


That book, in particular, talks about automating businesses.  For quite some time I’ve been wanting to do a business that is Internet-based, make money, but not actually work 60 hours to do it.  I have other parts of my life that I’d like to explore and make those flourish, as opposed to everything being centered around making money.  This book gave me a lot of great information.  One idea, in particular, stood out which was to start with the end in mind.  I thought about   —  okay, Flourish, I’ve talked about what the goal is, who I intend on reaching and what information I want to share with her.  However, how do I intend on doing that?  What product am I going to produce?  So I’ve been thinking about those products, and I actually started writing an e-book about a month ago.  One of my products will be an e-book or e-books, plural; but then I will also have other bundled products of other individuals who have lots to offer to my particular audience along with the e-book in formats that I call quick format.  Most of the women, who are my intended audience, their struggle is time.  How do I find the time to even think about me, to discover who I am, to discover what I want to do and how can I fit that in and think about it now and not when whatever the challenge is?  Whether it’s when my children graduate from school, or when I have more money, or whatever.  I am packaging and looking for ways to package the e-book material and also the other information, like audio books that are in the quick formats that can be utilized within about an hour.

>>Joel:    Okay.

>>Pam:    The series of my e-books will be titled — the working title right now is Flourish in an Hour.

>>Joel:    Okay.  Wow, okay.

>>Pam:    Yes, and so the goal would be to have – I will tell you that just about everybody that lives here in my area, in Ohio, they are in commute if they have to work even 20 minutes away.  They are actually in commute about an hour a day.  So that’s an hour that a mom or a businesswoman could use going to and fro to actually flourish, to get their minds in the right frame of mind and also utilize that time to start making some decisions.

At this point, what I’ve done is I’ve written content for the first e-book.  The working title is – it was originally called A Decision to Trust; but actually, this morning I had a better idea: It All Begins With Trust.  I’m starting there and the goal is to make that in MP3 format as well so that women who may prefer to just listen as opposed to read have that opportunity to do that.  I’m looking into finishing that book tomorrow.  That’s the goal.  I do have quite a bit of content written.

>>Joel:    Good for you.

>>Pam:    Yeah, and then the goal is to utilize my products to set those in place first.  Bearing the end in mind as a foundation upon which to build Flourish.  My framework, which I envision as kind of a house, my framework is also in progress.  The branding – I’ll be working on that.  Sunday I’ll be meeting with two individuals to discuss my logo and also theme music for my podcast.  Also I meet with a second web designer.  I met with one and a virtual assistant, but I meet with the second web designer next Tuesday just to discuss how to put the blog in place, what I expect it to look like, and how I need it to function.

>>Joel:    Okay.

>>Pam:    So I’m moving.  I’m in motion.  I’m really excited about that.

>>Joel:    I’m excited for you as well.  Are you meeting with some of the people that I recommended?

>>Pam:    Yeah, I did meet with I Simplify.  I met with Missy.  She was fantastic.  I loved her.

>>Joel:    Missy’s phenomenal.  She has – she designed my website, and she designed Dan Miller’s website, and about 10,000 other people.  But yeah, you can go to 4pointscoaching.com or 48 days.com.  Both of those web addresses are using the numerals.  4pointscoaching.com, 48days.com just to sample some of Missy’s work.  She is phenomenal.  You’re right.

>>Pam:    I agree.  She gave me a lot of good information, and so we’re rocking and rolling in terms of where I need to go with her.  I do need to meet with another person to get some other ideas and make a decision.  I’m excited that I’ll be able to do that.  My goal is to actually get up and running by the 24th, to have my site up and to have my initial product offering by the 24th.

>>Joel:    You know that’s in a month, correct?


>>Pam:    I do.


>>Joel:    Okay, just checking.

>>Pam:    I – I do.  Now, I – I say this knowing how deadlines work.  I have to set a goal to get there.  This is my first go-round concerning any format of business like this.  If that doesn’t happen, I’m okay.  I could be flexible, but I need to have something to shoot for.  If I don’t, I won’t get there.

>>Joel:    Absolutely.  We have another show on the calendar for this time next month.

>>Pam:    Yeah.

>>Joel:    Guess what you’ll be talking about.

>>Pam:    Yeah, you will definitely have to update; and hopefully, you’ll have something to look at.

>>Joel:    Absolutely.  Already looking forward to that show.

Tell me about the concept, starting with the end in mind.  It’s a concept that Stephen Covey talks about at length in his book, 7 Habits.  Many other authors and speakers have talked about it.  You can also find that principle in the Bible.  Written in between some of the lines there.  Tell me about getting your head around that concept.  Was that a challenge?

>>Pam:    Actually, it wasn’t.  It was a relief.  It was a relief.

>>Joel:    Okay.  Tell me about the relief.

>>Pam:    The relief  — because — as I mentioned, I was in great angst over this idea of how to finance this.  I have two children.  I have myself.  I want to not only take care of us, but I want to actually –

>>Joel:    Flourish.

>>Pam:    Yes, flourish.  I’ve done business before in a very unprofitable motto.  I did not have the end in mind.  I was providing an excellent service to my clients, but I didn’t do things intentionally.  I actually did it by the seat of my pants and did things according to what my clients needs were but not thinking about my needs in terms of a business and even thinking about an overall vision for what I wanted to provide and even thinking about an epic: this is most important.  Even thinking about what I wanted to get out of the business for my life.  Something that has been very helpful in going through life/business coaching is putting the big picture in mind.  I’m doing Flourish as a lifestyle change, not just for a business but a ministry, but also to express my gifts and talents and prosper.

My one-liner I mentioned that I wrote up for this series of books to describe my products, or the purpose for them, is to help women who are 40+ live balanced, rich, adventurous lives.  That’s a journey that my customers and I are going to take together.  I want to live a life that is balanced, rich, and adventurous.  In order for me to do that, I need to have steady income.  It was a relief to think like that instead of me thinking about all of the stuff I needed to do, I thought about how am I going to take care of myself and my family and do that well.  What kind of things do I have available to me to come up with that foundation?

>>Joel:    Okay.  Okay.  Gotcha.  How is that process going for you as far as bringing those ideas and concepts together?

>>Pam    :Well, I was really a bit overwhelmed.  I’m telling you, these resources really make a difference; and I’m really excited about that.  I was listening to Mel Robbins CD again.  I’m on the last CD and some of the content I’ve been listening to over and over again.  She talks about being overwhelmed, and to pick something — well, what I’ve done is write out, where am I now?  Where do I need to go?  At this point, how can I accomplish that?  So I’ve written down – she called it a brain dump – as I’ve written down my brain dump, then I jump back in and say, okay, this is where I can start.  That’s what I did, even today, I wrote out this is what I’ve done, this is what I intend on doing and at this point, this is what I can do.  That’s been very helpful to get me out of my head and to keep me in motion.  What’s been exciting, another thing, I was thinking about what should I do in a wise manner?  What should I invest money in right now?

I realized that there’s lots of things that I can do for free right now.  For instance, I did check out the podcast answer man, Cliff Ravenscraft.  His first course is actually free.  So I’ll be taking that course as well.  Then I found some other resources like a blog schedule online with another site.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the full name of the site; but it actually has the name flourish in it.  It’s a designer who makes some suggestions in reference to flourishing.  So he created these realistic blog schedules or realistic schedules or planners.  One is for a full quarter.  I’ll be creating a — one quarter’s worth of blog schedules so that I could actually get my – just put in order the topics that I’m going to hit each quarter so that it’s not a jumbled mess.

>>Joel:    Okay.

>>Pam:    And I’m not, you know, flying by the seat of life pants.

>>Joel:    Okay.  Okay.  Gotcha.  Gotcha.  Podcast answer man, Cliff Ravenscraft.  Podcastanswerman.com.  Yeah, that’s — that’s a — he’s our podcast coach, he’s Dan Miller’s podcast coach and a zillion other people.  That’s definitely the place to go to get your podcast together.  Exciting, exciting times for you; and thank you so much for sharing a part of your journey; and I’m already looking forward to hearing more about how you’re growing it.

Talk about, real quick and we’ll come in for a landing on this one, getting your blogs started.  Was that a challenge for you?  Or is that still a challenge for – gosh, what do I say?  What do I talk about?

>>Pam:    I think it is a work in progress.  For instance, I’ve been – I’m thinking like a designer; and I think that design principles, as a graphic designer myself, design principles actually apply to a lot of different arenas.  So what I thought I would do is take a look at other people’s blogs, who are not personal but are more professional in their blog; and see what they talk about.  I
noticed that I didn’t necessarily have to – I don’t have to re-create the wheel, so to speak.  But I want to make sure that I keep my audience in mind and my vision.  I’m being prayerful about what my topic should be.  I think, out the gate, it will start off with who flourishes, what flourishing principles are all about and go from there.  Kind of, teaching my audience what to expect from Flourish and also laying down some basic foundational information.  Just talking about what Flourish is – not just what Flourish has to offer but how women can flourish:  the who, what, where, why, when, and how.  I jotted that down earlier today.  I had an idea about that; and I answered all those questions and thought, that would be great for me to just lay that out for the first month or so in my topics.

>>Joel:    Indeed.  Indeed. Thank you for sharing that as well.  So that leaves one W left.  That is my last question for today.  When are you committed to making that a part of what you do on a daily basis?

>>Pam:    In terms of my blogging?  Well, I’ve had two thoughts; and I’m sure you’ll give me your input.

The first was to wait until I actually have the website up and running just so that I come out the gate with a professional look.  The second thought was that perhaps I can create a blog now to get my feet wet and get in the habit of blogging.  It’s really easy for any designer to — any web developer — to just change that address to my permanent address.  Those are my two thoughts.  I haven’t made a decision yet.

>>Joel:    Okay.  Okay.  Do you — do you want my feedback on that?

>>Pam:    Yes.


>>Joel:    Well, let me ask you this, Pam.  If you were the coach and I asked you that question, what advice would you give me?

>>Pam:    Well, I’m learning that nothing happens – I mean — you have to like – experience is the best teacher in some regard.  Not that — not in every case, but that I have to do it to actually get a feel for it.  So I would say that the answer as a coach would be to jump in.  You know, to get it started just to get a feel for it before it’s the real deal.

>>Joel:    So what are you going to do?


>>Pam:    Okay.  So as I finish the — I’m going to finish the e-book and then I will set a schedule to get started with a blog.  I actually have the information at my fingertips on 48days.net about how to start one.

>>Joel:    Okay.

>>Pam:    I’m committing – I’m committing to do that, to start it before at the end of the month when I have my real deal site up.

>>Joel:    Let me make sure I understand this so we can talk about it later.  Toward the end of the month, is that when you’re going to start your actual blog?

>>Pam:    No.  What I was saying is I need to finish the e-book first.  That is first priority.

>>Joel:    Right.

>>Pam:    What — what I thought I would do is starting next week my goal is to finish up the — just writing the e-book, writing the content.

>>Joel:    That’s right.  That’s right.

>>Pam:    This weekend.  I’m committing to next week starting a blog just in the raw format before I have my professional site up.

>>Joel:    Gotcha.  Let me ask you this, Pam, and we’ll come in for a landing.  If you did that, if you hold yourself accountable and you follow through on what you just said, even if it wasn’t perfect and if it wasn’t exactly how you wanted it to look, just the action of going through that process, would that help you become a more powerful woman?

>>Pam:    I would say, yes.  Again, I realize that when I actually go through the process of doing things, that’s when I learn the most.  I think it would also help to make this a reality.

>>Joel:    Would becoming a more powerful woman, then in turn, help you to flourish?

>>Pam:    Absolutely.  That’s definitely the goal.  The goal is twofold with flourish.  Number one to walk my own journey, and number two, to share their journey with other women so they can do the same.

>>Joel:    That’s what I so much love about what it is you’re doing.  You’re not only bringing hope and encouragement and a community to other women; but you’re also – but you’re also your own customer, so to speak.  So you’re giving them tremendous value; but you’re also getting it in return.

>>Pam:    Yes.

>>Joel:    When you do work that you love and work that is in alignment with your best features and your enduring qualities, that’s what happens.  That’s the give and take.  That is just part of the process.  Powerful stuff.

Thank you so much, Pam, for being true to your dream and sticking with it.  Sometimes it’s a challenge, but you’re staying true to your vision and can’t wait to hear more about it next time.

>>Pam:    Thank you, Joel.  I really appreciate you a lot.  Thanks for the follow-up.

>>Joel:    God bless.

>>Pam:    Thank you.  The same to you.  Bye-bye.


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